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Satoru UEDA

Satoru UEDA

Lead Dam Specialist, World Bank Group

Since 1985, Satoru has been involved in various aspects of design, construction and operation & maintenance of large dams, barrages and levees. He joined the World Bank (WB) in 1998 and has been providing technical support for more than sixty projects involving construction of new dams and rehabilitation of existing dams for nearly fifty countries in the world. Prior to joining the WB, he worked for the Ministry of Construction, Government of Japan and Japan Dam Engineering Center for designing and supervising multipurpose dam projects as well as safety review of more than thirty dams.  Satoru has Masers Degree from the University of Tokyo and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Associated sessions

7 May
13:30 - 16:30

Workshop 2: Hydropower and dam safety management (7 May, afternoon )

Type: Focus session
Co-convenors: World Bank Group

Given the large number of dams around the world, the safe operation of dams has significant social, economic, and environmental relevance. Dam failures, however rare, can result in extremely adverse impacts, including a large-scale loss of human... (Read more)