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Statistics and knowledge management

We work to continually advance knowledge through our database of the world’s hydropower companies and stations.

As a global association we need global information to provide the fullest possible picture of the industry and to advance the case for sustainable hydropower. At the heart of this initiative is the hydropower database, which holds data for over 8,000 individual hydropower stations of above 1 MW capacity, representing 89 per cent of global capacity, as well as company and national data.

The database has been built in collaboration with regulators, ministries and electricity associations, as well as the world's station owners and operators to serve as a resource for the industry.

Through this work, we seek to build and share knowledge about the hydropower sector for industry, the general public, NGOs, international organisations and research institutes. 

We aim to ensure that hydropower data is accurately represented in international energy, water, and climate publications. We also monitor technological innovations and policy developments relevant to hydropower. 

We will continue to increase the number of stations covered, and extend the depth of information for each station and the policy environments in which they operate. We are keen to work with other data holders to advance our common understanding.

Interactive maps

From this information we have developed a series of interactive maps to make some of this data available in an easy to view format.