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Director for Sustainable Development, EN+ Group

Anton Butmanov has significant experience working in sustainability and regional development at En+ Group, the largest independent hydropower and low carbon aluminium producer globally. Harnessing the potential of one of the world’s largest river systems, En+ Group has an overall installed capacity of 15.1GW.

With some of En+ Group's operations located alongside some of the world’s largest reservoirs, such as the Bratsk reservoir (169 km³), Anton has experience with the impacts of large hydro on environmental, social, economic and political aspects of life. Because of En+ Group's position on the national and global arenas, he has experience in integrating hydro into both global and regional sustainable development agendas.

Anton's focus as a Board member at IHA is to advocate for IHA's integration with industry, specifically with I-RECs and to push for greater recognition of hydro in the energy transition and the race to net zero carbon emissions.

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