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Mrs Li Li

Deputy Chief Economist, China Three Gorges Corporation

Mrs Li Li is a senior executive of CTG and also sits as a CTG representative on the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee of the General and Supervisory Board of Energias De Portugal (EDP), of which CTG is the largest shareholder.

Mrs Li Li is a leader in international project development, corporate governance and sustainability management. From 2011 to 2019, she served successively as the Vice Chairwoman, Chairwoman and Executive Director of China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE). During this period, CWE registered milestone progress with signature hydropower projects in Africa, such as Kaleta HPP and Souapiti HPP in Guinea, and Isimba HPP in Uganda. Mrs Li Li believes in the enormous potential hydropower holds to bring light and hope, on top of wealth and economic development, to those with inadequate access to power.

As deputy chief economist of CTG, Mrs Li Li contributes her insights to the industry and sees the opportunities and challenges for the future of the hydro sector, especially the new role it can play when combined with other renewable sources.

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