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Asset management

Forward-looking operations and maintenance strategies for hydropower facilities are required to ensure the best outcomes under time and financial constraints.

IHA focuses on supporting its members with information on the modernisation of existing hydropower infrastructure, including strategies to extend the life of a plant and optimise operations.

A key focus is placed on innovative strategies beyond just business-as-usual. This may include anything from major upgrades to enhance hydropower functionality in a changing energy system, to measures to improve environmental resilience and sustainable operations in the face of future uncertainties.


By 2030 over half of the world’s existing hydropower facilities will have undergone or will be due to undergo upgrading and modernisation, according to IHA’s hydropower database.

We are working closely with IHA members to explore the range of strategies for plant life extension and the adoption of new technologies with a focus on existing facilities. Read more

Operations and maintenance

Poor operations and maintenance, through a lack of investment, inadequate training or outdated approaches, can cause high outage rates, performance losses and increased operating costs. This can lead to lost energy production, reduced revenues and in some cases result in dam safety and environmental concerns.

We are supporting members to better understand and exchange information on good practices in O&M for both existing and future hydropower plants. Read more

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