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Vice President, Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute

Dr. Kai Xie successively held the posts of deputy chief engineer of dispatching authority, deputy director of the electric power dispatching communication center, and director of the smart power grid office in North China power Grid.

In October 2007, he was appointed as deputy chief engineer of north China power grid; in September 2010, he was appointed as chief engineer of Tianjin electric power company; from November 2011, he served as office director of the state grid corporation's ambassador to the United States; and in September 2013, he was appointed as vice president and member of the party group of State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute.

From March 2016 up until now, he has been working as vice president and member of the party committee of Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, mainly responsible for international business, scientific research management about information and communication, calculation and application, and experiment ability construction management and so on.