IHA Hydropower Report

The IHA Hydropower Report is an annual publication that takes an expanded look at hydropower-related developments around the world, as well as giving a review of the Association’s activities for the year.


2013 IHA Hydropower Report

The new IHA Hydropower Report is now available for download. Building on previous activity reports, the 2013 IHA Hydropower Report has an expanded section on the hydropower sector globally and regionally, and reviews the activities of IHA over the last year.

The report includes:

  • An overview of global trends, with key figures for the past 12 months 
  • Expanded reports on developments in the hydropower sector at a regional level 
  • Review of IHA activities, including work covering sustainability, hydropower development & communications
  • Information about IHA meetings and events, including the upcoming IHA 2013 World Congress



Click here to download your copy of the 2013 IHA Hydropower Report

Click here to download the Chinese language version of the 2013 IHA Hydropower Report

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