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Sediment management hub

Sustainable sediment management seeks to maintain the long-term capacity of hydropower reservoirs, slowing the rate of storage loss and bringing sediment inflows and discharges into balance while maximising hydropower production.

The International Hydropower Association (IHA), together with the World Bank hosted South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI), launched this Hydropower Sediment Management Knowledge Hub  to promote strategies and case studies for effective sediment management.

The objective of this knowledge-building project is to help hydropower developers and researchers to implement and refine sediment management strategies based on real-life industry experiences and practices. Find out more about the project

Learn more about IHA's sediment management work programme.

Latest news

4 December 2017 - Knowledge hub launched on sediment management to extend life of reservoirs

Case studies

Browse the case studies using the map or list below. New case studies will be added periodically.

Learn more about sediment management strategies.