2023 Board candidate

He Shengming

Deputy General Manager, Yalong River Hydropower Development Company, Ltd.

I am He Shengming, 53, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tsinghua University, P.R.C. and an MBA from Australia National University. Since 1992, I have been dedicated to the hydropower construction, operation and management in Yalong river valley, successively taking roles as Director of the Electro-mechanical Department, Director of Jinping Hydropower Project Authority and Plant (8.4 GW), and Deputy General Manager of Yalong Hydro. Widely involved in the technical management of hydropower plants, solar, wind and PSH projects in Yalong river valley, I have accumulated rich experience, focusing on mega-size hydropower projects like Ertan (3.3 GW, commissioned in 1999), Jinping (8.4 GW, commissioned in 2014) and Lianghekou (3.0 GW, commissioned in 2022), and Lianghekou PSH-Hydro integrated project (1.2 GW, under construction), Daofu PSH project (2.1 GW, under feasibility study).  

As a distinctive hydropower developer in China and also a Platinum member of IHA, Yalong Hydro is committed to harnessing green energy reserves in Yalong river valley, where approximately 30 GW of hydropower and over 70 GW of wind, solar and PSH have been planned. With nearly 20 GW now in operation, it is one of China’s most active and influential flagship clean energy producers. Yalong aspires to build the river valley into a clean energy base with a scale exceeding 100 GW, which will be the world's largest integrated clean energy base upon full completion.  

If elected a Board Member, I will share China’s stories and endeavours to achieve carbon peak and neutrality, and hydropower and PSH development experiences, as well as Yalong Hydro’s practices in clean energy base construction, assisting IHA in technical exchanges to promote the global sustainable green energy development and playing a greater role in policy-making.

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