Our story

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) was established in 1995. Today, we are recognised as the leading voice in promoting sustainable practices across the sector.

A new beginning

In the 1990s, Professor Dr. Emil Mosonyi and other eminent figures set about establishing a global non-profit membership association for hydropower.

IHA was founded on 16 November 1995. In the quarter of a century since then, the hydropower sector has undergone momentous change and grown considerably - more than doubling in size from 625 GW to over 1,300 GW today.

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our mission

Sustainable hydropower

IHA was established to advance renewable hydropower's role in meeting the world's water and energy needs.

We champion good and best practices and drive initiatives to enhance hydropower's contribution to climate and development goals.

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Who We are

Our members

Operating in more than 120 countries, our members include the world's leading developers, operators and manufacturers, as well as organisations involved in research, policy, planning and financing.

IHA’s membership is recognised for their commitment to planning, designing and delivering hydropower projects which support the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement.

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Our role Today

Your voice

As the voice of sustainable hydropower, IHA represents our members on the world stage.

We share knowledge through our partnerships with governments and multilateral institutions, civil society, finance and academia.

Every two years we convene the World Hydropower Congress, bringing together decision-makers to set priorities for the sector.

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Meet the team

Our team works closely with the IHA Board, our membership and knowledge networks to deliver our work programmes.
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