2023 Board candidate

José Franco Pinheiro Machado

Partner and Director of Water and Energy, Intertechne Consultores S.A.

I am submitting my candidacy to IHA’s Board as a way to show my company’s commitment to the ideas that we perceive as the “core” of IHA’s activity, i.e., to promote hydropower as essential to the energy transition from fossil-based sources to renewable and sustainable.  

I started working for Intertechne in 1989. I was coming out of a Master of Science degree on Water Resources and was the third young engineering hired by the company. After that, I completed an MBA in Energy Management at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas).  

I wish to bring to IHA a bit of the experience Intertechne and myself have had and are still having in designing, managing, modernizing and evaluating some of the most relevant hydropower projects built or to be built in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Angola, Mozambique, Cameroon, Turkey and other countries. My intent is to help in the continuation and expansion of the sustainability certification idea, which I see as having the potential to revolutionize the energy market and change the way hydropower is designed and managed and, ultimately, perceived by the communities affected by the projects.

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