2023 Board candidate

Óli Gretar Blondal Sveinsson

Director Hydropower R&D, Landsvirkjun

Iceland is 100% renewable in both electricity and heat, with about 80% of the electricity going to power intensive industries. The electricity generation is 73% from hydropower and 27% from geothermal power and less than 1% from wind power.  

I have worked for Landsvirkjun since 2004, and my current position is Director of Hydropower R&D.  

Landsvirkjun is the national power company of Iceland. We are a hydro dominated company that has been actively constructing and operating hydropower plants over the last 50 years.

Landsvirkjun is a proud sustainability partner of IHA and received the IHA Blue Planet Prize in 2017 for the Blanda hydropower project.  

I'm m currently a Board member of IHA and Vice President. I would like to continue the participation of Landsvirkjun in the already successful work of IHA. As a member of the IHA Board I would continue to work actively with the relevant stakeholders on increased consensus on the sustainability of hydropower development and on highlighting the synergies between hydro and other renewables. In the race towards a carbon neutral society, hydropower is the enabler to achieve 100% renewability.

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