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Tinguiririca Energia

Tinguiririca Energia is a Chilean hydroelectric power company. Founded in June 2004 under the name Tinguiririca Energía Joint Venture, today it is co-owned by Pacific Hydro which is controlled by the Chinese company SPIC and the Norwegian company Statkraft. The company is based in the Tinguiririca Valley, in Chile’s Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region, which is where its two run-of-the-river hydro power stations, La Higuera and La Confluencia, are both located. The two power plants have a total installed capacity of 334 MW and they are connected to the main electrical grid in Chile, producing enough energy to supply more than 800,000 homes.

Tinguiririca Energia is committed to create value through the operation of our assets and the commercialization of clean, sustainable, innovative and flexible energy to support the increase of renewable energies in the electrical system, improving the quality of life in the country.

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