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Deputy General Manager, Yalong Hydro

Since 1992, Mr. He has devoted himself to the hydropower development of Yalong river valley, successively as manager of Electro-mechanical Department, director of Jinping Hydropower Project Authority and Plant, and deputy General Manager of Yalong Hydro, focusing on mega-size hydropower projects like Ertan (3.3 GW), Jinping (8.4 GW) and Lianghekou (3.0 GW). His 30 year career has granted him with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the project management, operation management and supply chain management of hydropower stations.

As a distinctive hydropower developer of China, Yalong Hydro is committed to harnessing green energy reserve in Yalong river valley, where approximately 30 GW hydro power and 50 GW wind, solar and pumped storage power have been planned. With 15.14 GW in operation, it aspires to build the river valley into the world's largest integrated clean energy base, contributing to China’s newly-set ambition of carbon dioxide emission peak in 2030 and neutralization in 2060.  

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