ESG Gap Analysis Tool

Identify and address gaps against international industry good practice


The Hydropower Sustainability ESG Gap Analysis Tool (HESG) enables hydropower project proponents and investors to identify and address gaps against international good practice.

The gap analysis tool is based on the framework of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol and provides an action plan to help address any identified gaps against good practice.

The tool looks at 12 performance criteria:

  • Environmental and Social Assessment and Management
  • Labour and Working Conditions
  • Water Quality and Sediments
  • Community Impacts and Infrastructure Safety
  • Resettlement
  • Biodiversity and Invasive Species
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Governance and Procurement
  • Communications and Consultation
  • Hydrological Resource
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience

The tool is governed by the multi-stakeholder Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Council and aligned with the World Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework and IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards.

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