Five-step guide to standing in the 2019 IHA Board elections

Nominations are now open for the 2019 IHA Board elections, which will take place between May and July this year. These elections will decide the international representatives who will shape and direct our work over the next two years.

Anyone who is employed by an IHA corporate member or is an individual IHA member can stand to be a Board member. This simple five-step guide explains what you need to do to put yourself forward.

Download a nomination form.

1. Familiarise yourself with IHA’s activities

If you have not been actively involved with IHA’s work programme before now, you may find it useful to learn more about our activities and priorities before you prepare your election materials.

Our 2017–18 Activity and Strategy Report details our recent work and impact on the sector, as well as outlining some future activities.

2. Check your eligibility

As an employee of an IHA corporate member or an individual member, you are eligible to run as a candidate in the Board elections.

Prospective candidates should be aware that Board members will be expected to fulfil responsibilities and duties which include:

  • Acting within the best interests of the association and promoting its success
  • Acting in accordance with the association's constitution and bye-laws
  • Exercising independent judgement, reasonable care, skill and diligence
  • Avoiding or declaring conflicts of interest.

3. Find two other members to support you

Each Board candidate must be supported by two other IHA members (individual or employed by a corporate member) from different countries. Your supporters will need to agree to support your candidacy by having their name included on your nomination form.

If you have difficulty finding two supporters from different countries, we are happy to help in connecting you to potential supporters. Get in touch with the team at our Central Office to discuss this further:

4. Write your statement

To put yourself forward as a candidate you will need to provide a short statement explaining the contribution you feel you can make as a Board member.

We recommend a statement of no more than 200 words in order to keep it as succinct as possible. Please bear in mind that this statement will be published to promote your candidacy.

In your statement, you may want to include:

  • Details of your experience and particular areas of expertise relevant to IHA's work
  • Where you have worked and insights you may have on a particular country or region
  • Your vision for IHA and any ideas on how you would like to see the association develop.

5. Submit your nomination form

Finally, you need to fill out your nomination form, which asks for your basic details, your statement and the names of your supporters. Completed forms should be returned to by 26 April 2019.

Download the nomination form.

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