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Blog | In focus: Technical review of Song Bung 4
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In focus: Technical review of Song Bung 4

Located some 96 km from Da Nang City, the commercial and educational centre of Central Vietnam, Song Bung 4 project is one piece of Vietnam’s energy puzzle, as the country faces an energy demand that grows at an average rate of 15 per cent per year. 

Song Bung 4From 2005 to 2012, Vietnam's installed hydropower capacity increased from 4,150MW to about 12,000MW, and a further 17,000MW is planned by 2020. In this context, the country looks at increasing its technical and financing capacity with the help of international players. 

Song Bung 4, a project which was discussed during a focus session at our recent 2013 World Congress, is the first hydropower project in Vietnam to receive financing from multilateral institutions. With regard to environmental and social impacts, a particular focus was put on a “full participatory process” throughout the preparation and planning, along with various studies on the socio-economic situation.  

It was also essential to the relocation that all stakeholders worked with the affected people on the action plan.  As a result of the work on this relocation, the Vietnemese Government policies and practices are now more consistent with international good practices.

Country Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Construction 2010–14
Location Bung River, Vu Gia-Thu Bon River Basin
Project owner Electricity of Vietnam (EVN)
Project cost USD 277 million 
Financing Asian Development Bank (71%), EVN, Vietnam Development Bank  
Installed capacity 156 MW (2 x 78 MW Francis turbines)
Annual output 586.25 GWh
Reservoir surface area 15.8 km2
Full supply level 222.5 m
Gross volume 510.8 m
Type RCC
Crest height 114 m
Crest length 345 m
CVC diversion culvert 5x9 m
Headrace tunnel
Length 3.2 km
Inner diameter 7.2 m