Keeping the lights on #WithHydropower

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, keeping the lights on for the country has been a critical priority.  

Ukrhydroenergo is one of the companies set this difficult task; managing to balance the energy system from June to August 2023.

According to analysis by the Ukrainian National Commission for State Regulation in the Energy and Utilities Sectors, the company exceeded the performance plan for generating sources by 71 million KWh.

Ukrhydroenergo has been working alongside the Ukrainian Government to ensure the sustainable development of hydropower in Ukraine and the fastest strengthening of national energy security.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, visited one of Ukrhydroenergo’s hydropower plants and stated: “I express my great gratitude and respect for your significant work. You are the ones who fulfil an important mission in ensuring the stability of the country's energy system during emergencies and crises. We have many challenges ahead, but together we will overcome them with dignity.”

During the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasised the importance of uninterrupted energy supply for national security and the economic development of Ukraine. He also thanked the hydropower workers for their conscientious work and readiness to face energy challenges, acknowledging their significant contribution to strengthening the energy system of Ukraine in difficult times.

Ukrhydroenergo CEO Ihor Syrota stated: “Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and to this day, the aggressor has not stopped launching missile strikes at Ukraine's energy facilities, including hydropower facilities.  

“Since last Autumn, more than 50 missile strikes have been launched at our facilities. The Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant was blown up. We hope that cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat (on direct request of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine) will help assist the company in restoring its facilities."

Despite this, hydropower has been at the heart of energy resilience for Ukraine during the conflict, maintaining a balance to the system throughout attacks and damage to various plants and projects.  

Explaining his gratitude for the fight of the Ukrainian people, Mr Syrota added: “Despite the difficult times for the country and the company, we generate profit, acting as a reliable partner in filling the state budget.”  

Ukrhydroenergo continues to push forward in supplying energy to the country through hydropower, keeping the lights on and improving spirits. They have also initiated a programme for hiring veterans who have suffered life changing injuries, making the most of the valuable skills and knowledge they have to offer.  

The extra resource is much needed, as of the end of September, the company is currently reconstructing and maintaining 21 hydropower projects, the average level of the lower reservoir near its Dnipro HPP dam is around 12 meters above sea level – operating according to the dispatcher's schedule – and the global community is ready to help restore the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Complex, following its destruction.

The company is also completing the construction of units 5-7 at the Dnistrovska pumped storage power plant (PSPP), upgrading station equipment and preparing for the autumn-winter period. Work on the construction of the Kaniv PSPP is also ongoing.

Agreements have been made recently with companies worldwide to help Ukrhydroenergo get critical hydropower infrastructure back on track.

Ukraine continues to utilise hydropower to keep energy flowing and power growing during tumultuous times.

Watch the film about this case study and find out more about Ukrhydroenergo’s story here.

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