Mini-documentary: the Blanda hydropower project

The Blanda hydropower project in Iceland is the 2017 winner of the IHA Blue Planet Prize, which recognises projects that demonstrate excellence in sustainable development.

The prize is awarded on the basis of an assessment using the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, a tool that measures the sustainability of a hydropower project across a range of social, environmental, technical and economic aspects.

The Blanda project scored international proven best practice on 14 out of the 17 topics that were assessed. Standout successes include:

  • excellent relations with the communities and local stakeholders
  • comprehensive social and environmental compensation measures in the form of highland re-vegetation and local infrastructure
  • social benefits provided over and above the licence requirements

This video takes a closer look at the project and how its developer and operator, Landsvirkjun, has integrated the outcomes by applying the protocol to its other hydropower projects.

Find out more about the protocol at

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