The 2016 IHA annual issues survey: take part in building knowledge

We are taking the pulse of the hydropower sector at large in this year's annual issues survey. You are invited to take part.

2016 IHA annual issues survey

What is the IHA annual issues survey?

The IHA annual issues survey is an initiative that aims to monitor the key issues facing hydropower, identify policy developments around the world that affect the sector, and ensure that our work programme reflects the issues that are closest to our members and the global hydropower community.

The results will give insights into the current status of hydropower worldwide, and help to guide our future work as we build and share knowledge on hydropower's role in renewable energy systems, freshwater management and climate change solutions.

Who should answer the IHA 2016 annual issues survey?

The survey is aimed at anyone who is involved in hydropower.

You might work for a utility, a consultancy, a commercial or development bank, an NGO or a research institution. You might be an employee of an IHA corporate member, an individual member of IHA, or have attended one of our events, such as the World Hydropower Congress, or perhaps this is your first involvement in our work.

Whatever the level of your involvement with hydropower and IHA, your views are important to us.

What if I want to find out about the results of this survey?

All survey respondents will be invited to particpate in an exclusive webinar in early 2017, in which we will share aggregated results. The webinar will cover the key findings from the survey to give you an insider insight on key trends in the hydropower sector. Following the webinar, we will publish aggregated results on our website.

If you want to receive the survey results and an invitation to the webinar, please make sure to include your contact details when prompted at the end of the survey.

How do I take the IHA 2016 annual issues survey?

To take the survey, simply click here and follow the online instructions.

How long is the survey open for?

The survey opens on 24 November 2016 and will close on 31 December 2016.

Will my responses be confidential?

All responses to the survey will be treated confidentially. Only the aggregated results will be shared. Under no circumstances will your individual responses be identifiable or communicated to any third parties.

What else can I do to help?

If you have any colleagues who are also engaged with IHA, please encourage them to participate in the survey by sharing a link to this page. The more respondents we have, the better we can adjust our work to meet the requirements of the global hydropower community.

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