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Keeping water healthy with a solar-powered aerator

Dissolved oxygen is one of the key indicators of water quality. It is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms and is therefore monitored closely by ecologists and stewards of water bodies, such as hydropower operators. When dissolved oxygen becomes too low, because of high temperatures or salinity for example, water ecosystems are at risk.

The EcoFlot oxygenation platform on its first implementation in 2020.

To provide a solution to this problem, environmental and renewable energy experts at award-winning start-up EcoEnergy teamed up with Solar Systems and HelioRek to propose a simple, flexible solution to target areas of reservoirs at risk of oxygen depletion.    

EcoFlot, their autonomous floating platform provides topical aeration and is entirely powered by solar energy. It can be deployed on any water surface to help improve water quality, increase water exchanges in stagnant water and reduce the effect of invasive algae. The solution can be scaled up and used to provide additional energy to the local hydropower plant and to local communities.

Reservoir operators can move the autonomous platform equipped with a small motor across the reservoir to target zones depending on the needs. EcoFlot is equipped with a monitoring system and the aerators operate automatically according to a set schedule.

EcoFlot was first implemented in Russia in 2020 and demonstrated its use in transforming the health of the local reservoir. The project team was awarded the prestigious V.I.Vernadsky National Ecological Prize. Further applications are under consideration in the South and Central Asia region.

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