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IHA’s vision is a world where water and energy services are delivered to all in a sustainable way.

If your business shares our vision, and supports our mission and our work, please join your voice to ours.

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Better strategic collaboration  

We seek to understand the challenges facing the hydropower sector and contribute to solving them. By engaging actively with our members, we understand their concerns and shape our priorities.

Members are able to directly influence IHA’s work and priorities through their votes on strategic decisions and board elections.  

Stronger global impact  

As the global voice of sustainable hydropower, IHA represents the hydropower sector in international forums.

At the same time, we recognise that our voice is strongest when we use it to reinforce a common message. Our members can count on us to help develop and promote this common message.  

Better energy policies and market incentives  

Through targeted engagements, IHA helps to improve the investment climate for sustainable hydropower. By working closely with national hydropower and renewable energy associations, IHA helps provide a holistic view of renewables, makes the case for better energy policies and promotes enabling market instruments.

Better communication with the sector  

We understand that receiving and sharing information is key to the sustainability of our members’ business.

We communicate through printed publications and our website as well as our online platform Hydropower Pro, where our members have access to specialised information from our knowledge networks.

Through Hydropower Pro, our members have access to specialised discussions and industry-specific resources, as well as articles, case studies, publications and analysis.  

At IHA we do everything we can to facilitate meaningful conversations for our members. This includes arranging high-level roundtables where our members can speak with regional decision-makers, making sure that they know what events are going on through our knowledge networks, and organising regular virtual face-to-face events, trainings and consultations.

More sustainable hydropower  

Sustainability is at the core of IHA’s work.

Over the last two decades, IHA has worked together with a broad range of stakeholders to develop the Hydropower Sustainability Tools.

We also help the hydropower community by developing industry-specific guidance notes such as the Climate Resilience Guide, tools to assess the greenhouse gas emissions of hydropower projects and training on sustainable hydropower.

Membership categories  

Membership categories reflect our members’ ambitions and size. Membership benefits differ between categories. Please complete our enquiry form, then one of our team will be happy to send you a detailed proposal.

The following categories and membership fees have been established by the IHA Board for the current membership year:

Platinum member

For large organisations active in the global marketplace, including hydropower companies and organisations responsible for more than 10,000 MW of installed capacity.

This category is for corporate leaders engaged in dialogue on the sector. Platinum corporate members are at the forefront of shaping policy and strategy and are committed to improving hydropower’s contribution to the world.

Membership fee
GBP 35,545

Gold member

For medium-sized organisations active in regional markets, including hydropower companies and organisations responsible for more than 2,000 MW of installed capacity.

This category is for major organisations that are committed to supporting the future of hydropower. Gold corporate members are established and active in the sector and are engaged in our work programme.

Membership fee
GBP 14,210

Silver member

For new or established small and local organisations or companies with less than 2,000 MW of installed hydropower capacity in their portfolio.

This category is for organisations that support our mission. Silver corporate members are ambitious to grow their business and build new connections.

Membership fee
GBP 3,545

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