Africa Regional Webinar

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Regional Webinar Series: Trends, Challenges and solutions in Africa

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Building on the findings of the 2022 Hydropower Status Report, IHA arranged a webinar series with a regional focus on hydropower trends, challenges and solutions. The second webinar in the series was hosted in partnership with the African Development Bank with a focus on Africa.

The Africa Regional Webinar built on the broad and varied expertise of IHA members who provided different perspectives on the outlook for sustainable hydropower growth. It served to highlight recent findings of the modernisation project carried out by IHA in cooperation with the Africa Development Bank.

Regional webinars provide a platform for the sustainable hydropower community to bring together different perspectives to discuss these challenges and share solutions and best practices.

As 60 per cent of the hydropower installed capacity in Africa is over 20 years old, modernisation efforts are an important element in improving access to clean and reliable energy. IHA undertook the Africa Hydropower Modernisation Program, financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB). This provides an opportunity to increase generation capacity at a low-cost, and with relatively short lead times and minimal environmental impact.


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