Bali Statement: Shaping hydropower’s role in sustainable growth

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The need for sustainable development and an actionable pathway towards net zero are two of the greatest challenges of our time. They are also interlinked; sustainable growth is only truly achievable if it is coupled with a massive upscaling of renewable energy development.

Hydropower has the potential to contribute greatly to these interdependent human challenges. But at this critical moment, we are missing a golden opportunity; the International Hydropower Association’s 2023 World Hydropower Outlook revealed that the rate of hydropower deployment globally is falling well short of the 45 GW annual requirement to achieve net zero, according to IEA models.

Responsible hydropower development can also offer significant benefits to progress on UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 on industry, innovation and infrastructure. As a mature technology, hydropower has played a vital role in enabling the industrial growth of the past, and its unique qualities are highly translatable to the pressing issues of today, such as the need to decarbonise industry and manage our water resources effectively.  

IHA is facilitating a wide-ranging public consultation to identify the principles, commitments and recommendations needed to supercharge sustainable hydropower’s contribution to the energy transition. This work will culminate in the Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth at the World Hydropower Congress on 31 October – 2 November 2023, establishing calls to action at COP28 and beyond.

Two webinars were hosted to ensure people could join at the most convenient hour.

The morning session is available to watch here:

If you are watching from China, please click here.

The afternoon session is available to watch here:

If you are watching from China, please click here.

The webinars included:

  • A presentation of a consultation draft of the Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth.
  • The journey so far: how the Statement supports the ambitions of the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower - and how it has taken form.
  • A call for public feedback on the Statement to ensure a wide range of stakeholder perspectives are considered ahead of the 2023 World Hydropower Congress.


Eddie Rich

CEO, International Hydropower Association

Eddie Rich became Chief Executive Officer of the International Hydropower Association in September 2019. He has over 20 years’ experience on the role of corporates in international development.

He was deputy head of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) from 2007-19, including a period as its executive director.  

His prior experience included working as the UK Government Department for International Development (DFID)’s representative to Angola and deputy head in Kenya, and as head of DFID's corporate social responsibility team.

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