Branding hydro: new perspectives and possibilities

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Consumer power has never had as much impact on the industry as it does today. In liberalised markets, the consumer is free to choose the supplier. With increased awareness, more and more consumers are becoming selective about the source of energy that flows into their homes. The source of the electricity used at home is not the only focus of savvy consumers; the energy sources used to produce ordinary consumer goods are also receiving increased attention.

While solar and wind have received their share of coverage, awareness of hydropower has lagged behind, even though hydropower can be developed as a sustainable source of energy, both in terms of its environmental impacts and economic benefits.

In this webinar, energy branding will be outlined in simple terms. The webinar will also explore how the special features of hydropower might be used to gain a competitive advantage from a branding perspective, both for hydropower as an industry and for individual companies within the industry.

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Friðrik Larsen

Dr Friðrik Larsen is the CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding (LarsEn). He is the first person in the world to hold a PhD in the branding of electricity. Dr Larsen is a sought out speaker and his lectures, urging utilities to develop a brand new approach, have been well received around the world.

Dr Larsen is the chairman of CHARGE, the world's first energy branding conference, which will take place in Iceland in September. He is also the chairman of the board of the Icelandic marketing association (IMARK), a board member of the New York Energy Week (NYEW), and sits on the organising committee of the European Utilities week (UEW).


Alex Trembath

Alex Trembath joined IHA in 2013. He leads on our communications strategy and manages the delivery of a range of communications projects, including our recent website redevelopment and brand realignment, as well as our email and social media engagement.

Alex has a degree in journalism and English, and ten years’ experience in a variety of communications management roles across both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

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