COP24: IHA at the UN climate conference in Poland

Katowice, Poland
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The 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is convened under the presidency of the government of Poland between 3 and 14 December in Katowice, Poland.

Although progress has been made since COP23, the timeframe for the world to limit the devastating impacts of climate change has narrowed. A special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published in October 2018, warned that limiting global warming to 1.5°C will require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes across all aspects of society.

The role of hydropower

The power sector, the largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions, must decarbonise in order to meet the challenge of climate change. Hydropower is one of the cleanest sources of electricity, representing nearly two-thirds of all renewable generation and 16.4 per cent of global generation (REN21 2018).

Hydropower supports growth in variable renewables such as wind and solar, meeting demand when these sources are unavailable. As a result, hydropower plays a key role in reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels and avoiding harmful pollutants.

In addition, hydropower provides a vital means of safely managing freshwater, providing water supply and irrigation for agriculture. The storage infrastructure provided by a hydropower reservoir mitigates against the risks posed by climate change, including extreme weather events such as floods and drought.

IHA at COP24

Representatives of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) will participate in a range of official events at COP24 to discuss hydropower’s role in renewable energy systems, responsible freshwater management and climate change solutions. Our team, led by IHA CEO Richard Taylor and Senior Analysts Mathis Rogner and Head of Communications Will Henley, will address hydropower’s contribution to meeting climate and sustainability targets.

Launching Ceremony: Global Network on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions

When: 4 December 2018; 17:40-19:10. Where: Space Brazil

This event will launch the Global Network on Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, led by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and IHA member Itaipu Binacional. The event will be attended by IHA Chief Executive Richard Taylor.

Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions

When: 5 December 2018; 9:30-11:00. Where: MCK Theatre

IHA’s Chief Executive Richard Taylor will speak at this event which is hosted by the Global Network on Sustainable Water and Energy Partnership. During the session, Itaipu Binacional will showcase best practices in the sector to illustrate the potential of hydropower to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Catalysing Investments for Resilient Infrastructure in Africa: Introducing the Africa Climate Resilient Investment Facility

When: 6 December 2018; 15:00-16:00. Where: MDB Pavilion

This event will present the Africa Climate Resilient Investment Facility, a joint initiative of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the World Bank in collaboration with the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission. It will engage public and private sector leaders, experts, influential figures, development partners and investors to deliberate and provide insights on enhancing the enabling environment for leveraging the resilience dividend concept for increased and innovative private sector investment in climate-resilient and resource-efficient infrastructure development in Africa.

Stronger Together: Showcasing Success of Renewable Energy Technologies Working Together

When: 11 December 2018; 11:30-13:00. Where: Pieniny room

Bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind offer ready solutions to combat climate change. This side-event, organised by the REN Alliance, aims to showcase the strength of renewables working together.

The REN Alliance partners are:

  • International Solar Energy Society e.V. (ISES)
  • International Hydropower Association (IHA)
  • World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
  • World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)
  • International Geothermal Association (IGA)

Photo credit: UNFCCC 2018

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