Earth Day 2021

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Earth Day provides the opportunity to raise global public awareness of the challenges to the well-being of the planet and the life that supports it.

Hydropower lies at the heart of the energy-water nexus, it can affect nature by impacting river systems while also helping to alleviate the planet’s dependence on unsustainable energy sources.

As hydropower is the largest renewable energy source, generating around 60% of all renewable electricity, it is imperative that this is done so sustainably, considering a range of factors from infrastructure safety and resettlement to biodiversity.

To mark Earth Day 2021, the International Hydropower Association has released its How-to Guide on Biodiversity and Invasive Species. The guide can help avoid or mitigate the impacts of hydropower development on biodiversity in rivers. This is a crucial step to ensuring biodiversity management is a priority for all hydropower developers and operators.

Find out more about IHA’s How-to Guide on Biodiversity and Invasive Species.

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