Executive workshop: Improving decision-making for hydropower

Paris, France
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Decision-making in hydropower is complex by nature. Operators and developers share responsibilities with various levels of administration and government over matters which go well beyond electricity generation.

This executive workshop, organised by IHA in partnership with UNESCO, will see senior executives and experts from around the world discuss three trends which are shaping decision-making in the sector: digitalisation, climate change and sustainability.

Speakers will discuss the experience, knowledge and tools available to decision-makers to improve the performance of hydropower projects and ensure that they deliver satisfying, sustainable outcomes, which meet wider water and energy policy expectations. They will also share examples of successful initiatives and programmes launched around the world relating to digitalisation, climate change and sustainability.

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Why are digitalisation, climate change and sustainability in hydropower so important right now?

  • Digitalisation is providing owners and operators with an opportunity to improve outcomes for their power plants, provided data can be gathered, analysed and utilised in time by the relevant stakeholders.
  • Climate change has instilled uncertainty in the decision-making mix, while access to and use of relevant information remains a problem in many countries with hydropower potential.
  • The reporting and benchmarking of sustainability practices is affecting all stages of development, from early-stage planning to operation and modernisation.

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