Hydropower Europe regional workshop: Chania, Greece

Cultural Center of Chania, Chania, Greece
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The HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum is organising three regional workshops for the hydropower community in Europe.

  • Nordic workshop: Lulea, Sweden - 28-29 August
  • Alpine workshop: Lausanne, Switzerland - 11-12 September
  • Mediterranean workshop: Chania, Greece - 30 September-1 October


Hydropower in Europe is undergoing a great number of future challenges. To face this unique set of policy, environmental, societal, technological and market challenges, the hydropower sector needs to become more cost competitive and find novel approaches to future development in accordance with environmental and social demand.

The HYDROPOWER EUROPE project is built on the ambition to achieve a Research and Innovation Agenda (R&IA) and a Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR) for the hydropower sector, based on the synthesis of technical fora and transparent public debates through a forum that gathers all relevant stakeholders of the hydropower sector.

Through a three-year consultation process which includes wider online, expert workshops and a series of regional and Brussels based events, HYDROPOWER EUROPE will collect views and inputs of stakeholders from all the different sectors and topics of hydropower (hydro industry and engineering, finance and insurance investors, policy-makers at the national and EU-level, research academia, civil society, etc).

A key step of this consultation process is the series of three regional workshops organised to gather the feedback of regional stakeholders on specific hydropower issues and that will take place in three different climatic regions.

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is one of the leading partners of the HPE Forum.

Provisional Agenda

The main objectives of these workshops will be to:

  • Allow more dialogue with regional stakeholders (identify the difficulties, the potential solutions, etc);
  • Address specific regional issues (political, social, environmental aspects, funding needs at national and EU levels).
  • Gather inputs from hydropower stakeholders on the two main documents (RIA and SIR).

Each workshop will be a 1.5-day event and will offer the opportunity to discuss hydropower regional issues with regional high-level officials and stakeholders from the hydropower sector.

The workshops will be dedicated to:

  • Day 1: Project introduction and regional issues discussion;
  • Day 2: Half-day - Research and Innovation Agenda presentation and debate;
  • Day 2: Half-day - Strategic Industry Roadmap presentation and debate.


To register for a regional workshop and for more details, please click here.

Workshop participation is free.

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