International Forum for Pumped Storage Hydropower

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On 3 November 2020, IHA in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy launched the International Forum for Pumped Storage Hydropower.

The Forum, comprised of 11 national governments, 5 financial institutions and over 70 organisations brought together over 200 participants from around the world.

The meeting focused on introducing key industry stakeholders to the Forum, outlining the problems Pumped Storage Hydropower (PSH) faces and introducting the three working groups created, led by GE Renewables, EDF Hydro and Voith Hydro.

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Introductory Speech – Daniel R Simmons (DOE) & Keynote Speech – Malcolm Turnbull

The Forum was divided into two sessions prefaced by an introductory speech from Mr. Daniel R Simmons, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy and a keynote speech from former Australian Prime Minister and proponent of pumped storage hydropower, Malcolm Turnbull.

Watch the Forum's introduction by Daniel R Simmons:

Watch Malcolm Turnbull deliver the Forum's keynote speech:

Speakers for Session 1 – Challenges & Opportunities of PSH

  • Benoit Revaz, State Secretary and Director, Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  • Demetrios Papathanasiou, Global Director, Energy and Extractives, World Bank
  • Srikant Nagulapalli, Chairman, New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.

With interventions from:

  • Alex Beckitt, Head of Strategic Policy, Hydro Tasmania
  • Renato Haddad, Deputy Head of Department for Power Generation Studies, Energy Research Office, Brazil
  • Amy Newsock, Deputy Director, Power for Nature, The Nature Conservancy
  • Jeff Opperman, Global Freshwater Lead Scientist, WWF
  • Emmy Matuvo, Managing Director, Hydropower Association of Uganda
  • Ashvini Kumar, Senior Director, The Energy and Resources Institute
  • Matthew Stocks, Research Fellow, Australian National University

Watch the Forum's first session:

Speakers for Session 2 – How the Forum can shape the future of PSH

  • Eddie Rich, CEO, International Hydropower Association
  • JC Sandberg, MD and Executive Counsel, Global Government Affairs and Policy, GE Renewable Energy (Policy & Market Frameworks working group)
  • Antoine Malafosse, International Project Manager, EDF Hydro, (Sustainability Working Group)
  • Klaus Krüger, Senior Expert Plant Safety & Energy Storage Solutions, Voith Hydro (Capabilities, Costs & Innovations working group)

With interventions from:

  • Oivind Johansen, Assistant Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
  • Roland Roesch, Deputy Director, Innovation and Technology Center, IRENA
  • Richard Taylor, Strategic Adviser, XFLEX HYDRO
  • Arun Kumar, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
  • Mark Wilson, CEO, ILI Group

Watch the Forum's second session:

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