International workshop: Digitalisation in the hydropower sector

Salto Grande Hydroelectric Complex, between Argentina and Uruguay
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This international workshop, hosted by the Joint Technical Commission of Salto Grande, has been organised with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank and in partnership with IHA.

The workshop's objective is to build knowledge on how digital systems are advancing operations, maintenance and modernisation practices in the hydropower sector. It will cover a range of digitalisation topics, including advanced operating strategies to optimise hydropower generation, digital systems to improve maintenance practices, digital twinning, integrated control and cyber-security systems.

Day one of the workshop will consist of Q&A sessions on digitalisation experience, planning, trends in the industry and suppliers and latest technologies. Day two will start with a visit to the Salto Grande Hydroelectric Complex and finish with a concluding session.

The Salto Grande Hydroelectric Complex, which has been in industrial operation since 1982, is itself currently under assessment for modernisation, including new digital technology. The complex is home to two symmetrical powerhouses located on the banks of the Uruguay River and a surface spillway in the middle of the river. The powerhouses each have seven 135 MW generating units, giving the complex a total installed capacity of 1,890 MW. The complex is operated by Comision Technica Mixta de Salto Grande.

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If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact IHA on +44 208 652 5290 or at

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