Unlocking Africa's Hydropower Potential: A Roadmap for Better, Faster Development

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Following the launch of the 2024 World Hydropower Outlook in June, we’ve brought together expert voices across Africa to discuss the key trends highlighted in the report and critical insights and actionable recommendations for policymakers to enable the fast and sustainable development of hydropower in the region.

Hydropower currently accounts for 40% of sub-Saharan Africa’s electricity supply, yet a staggering 90% of the continent's potential remains untapped. Nigeria, a leading example, installed the second-highest amount of hydropower globally in 2023.

Join us on 17 July at 11am BST for our webinar, A roadmap for better, faster hydropower development in Africa. This session will delve into recent project commissions, ongoing developments, and provide diverse perspectives from key stakeholders in Africa.

Key Discussion Points

  • Growing Role of Private Investment and Public-Private Partnerships: Explore how collaboration between private entities and governments is driving progress.
  • Advancements in Regional Cooperation: Learn about the strides being made in cross-border projects and regional initiatives.
  • Policy and Market Barriers: Understand the challenges hindering faster development and the policy changes needed to overcome them.
  • Potential for Modernisation: Discover how upgrading existing infrastructure can expand capacity and enhance efficiency.

Speakers include:

  • Anton-Louis Olivier, Chair, IHA (moderator)
  • Engr Lamu Audu, CEO, Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited
  • Liane Girier-Dufournier, Policy Officer, IHA
  • Moeketsi Thobela, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) at AfDB
  • Dia Iya, Head of Communications and Public Relations, Nachtigal Hydro Power Company

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