Webinar: what does COP22 mean for hydropower?

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On Friday 4 November 2016, the Paris Agreement entered into force, affirming a worldwide commitment to keep global warming to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. With the US, China, India and the EU among the governments to have ratified the accord, it is one of the biggest international agreements in history.

This set the scene for the discussions in Marrakech at COP22 from 7–18 November: how will we develop our economies and ecosystems in a way that is sustainable and meets the carbon-reduction challenges set out in the Paris Agreement?

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Hydropower has a key role to play in supporting the renewable energy systems that will be essential in achieving these ambitions.

The team at the International Hydropower Association (IHA) took part in Marrakech at COP22: in this webinar we will report on the outcomes, what the implications might be for the sector, and some notable activities that took place during the conference.

The agenda for the webinar will be as follows:
• Introduction by Greg Tracz, communications director, IHA
• Presentation by Alex Trembath, communications manager, IHA
• Q&A discussion with RIchard Taylor, chief executive, IHA

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About the speakers

Richard Taylor, chief executive of IHA

Richard Taylor is our chief executive. A Fellow of the Energy Institute (UK), he has been involved in the hydropower sector since 1985. He became a founding Board member of IHA in 1995, and has served as the association’s executive director since 2001.

Richard has written and edited numerous technical papers and periodicals on water and energy, and has been engaged in United Nations initiatives on water (WWDR and UNEP), energy (UNIDO and UNDESA) and climate change (UNESCO and IPCC).

He has also participated in the work of the International Renewable Energy Alliance, World Bank, International Energy Agency, World Energy Council and World Water Council.

Gregory Tracz, communications director at IHA

Greg Tracz is communications director at IHA. He contributes to the definition and implementation of change to deliver value to our members, and supervises the delivery of major projects, such as our flagship biennial event, the World Hydropower Congress. In this role he is responsible for directing all aspects of the event, including logistics, marketing and communications, customer experience including managing the sponsorship and partnership programmes. He is also developing the event programme with a broad range of stakeholders.

He holds master's degrees in political science and environmental law and has previously worked in climate and energy-related positions in France and the United States.

Alex Trembath, IHA's communications manager

Alex Trembath is communications manager at IHA. He leads on our communications strategy and manages the delivery of a range of communications projects, including our recent website redevelopment and brand realignment, as well as our email and social media engagement.

Alex has a degree in journalism and English, and ten years’ experience in a variety of communications management roles across both the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. In his previous role at the National Union of Students he was editor-in-chief of the organisation's national membership magazine, which won an industry excellence award under his editorship, and part of the team that delivered a cross-national brand realignment.

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