World REnew Day 2019

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World REnew Day 2019

The world’s first World REnew Day, which highlights the need to switch to renewable energy, takes place on the occasion of the June solstice.

The event is initiated by the Global 100% Renewable energy initiative and by Renewable Energy Ambassador Ruslana in partnership with FridaysForFuture. The initiative is supported by a large number of organisations from civil society, the renewable energy community, local governments and the scientific sector.

The official launch ceremony will take place from 15:00 on 22 June at the UN Campus in Bonn, in parallel with the UN Climate Change Conference SB50.

The World REnew Day 2019 celebrations will include:

⁃ Speakers from around the world highlighting the urgency of the switch to renewables and the benefits of such a move.

⁃ Artists including ESC winner and Global100RE Ambassador Ruslana performing.

⁃ Additional street art activities around the World Conference Center in Bonn.

Speakers in Bonn include:

  • Stefan Gsänger – WWEA
  • Parents for Future – Sandra Prüfer
  • Global 100% RE Platform – Rian van Staden
  • Bundesverband Erneuerbare Energien – Simone Peter
  • Energy Watch Group – Hans-Josef Fell
  • Climate Action Network – Tasneem Essop
  • ICLEI – Ashok Sridharan (Mayor of Bonn)
  • ISES – David Renne

People around the world are invited to join in celebrating World REnew Day:

⁃ by coming to Bonn on 22 June 2019

⁃ by organising an event in their home town to celebrate World REnew Day

⁃ by joining the World Renew Day movement by signing the World REnew Day resolution.

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