Find Frankie

Frankie is the reliable and dependable mascot for sustainable hydropower. In this activity, learn about the many things we can do #WithHydropower. Frankie is hiding somewhere in these different hydropower facilities. If you can find him, you’ll be rewarded with interesting facts and figures about sustainable hydropower across the globe.

With hydropower, we can decarbonise industries. Hydropower grew annually at an average rate of 22GW between 2016 and 2021.

With hydropower, we can develop renewable energy sustainably. Hydropower is the largest renewable electricity technology, representing almost half of the world’s renewable energy generation.

With hydropower, we can provide affordable energy for generations. Regular maintenance can see a hydropower facility last more than 100 years – this has seen it referred to as a ‘forever technology’.

With hydropower, we not only increase energy security. but also protect communities and local areas from the impacts of flooding and drought.

With hydropower, we can store wind and solar energy in water! Reservoir and pumped storage hydropower are forms of clean energy storage that absorbs surplus energy at times of low demand and releases it when demand is high.

With hydropower we can keep the lights on. Hydropower represents more than half of Canada's total generation capacity.

China has more than 414,000MW of installed hydropower capacity, almost ten times as much as its closest regional competitor, Japan.

Ethiopia is the nation in Africa with the most installed hydropower capacity (4,824MW).

Norway leads Europe for installed hydropower capacity, with 33,807MW.

Brazil leads installed hydropower capacity in South America, with almost 110,000MW – Venezuela follows with 16,800MW.

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