2023 Board candidate

Herbie Johnson

General Manager Hydro, Southern Company

I have 29 years of experience in the hydroelectric industry and completing my second term as an IHA board member.  As General Manager for Southern Company’s hydroelectric fleet, my passion is preservation of the 32 plants and 2,600MWs of hydroelectric generation. We are currently undergoing a $5 billion dollar modernization program in our existing fleet and recently filed to begin the licensing process of a new 1600 MW Pumped Storage Hydro project.  The success of these efforts for Southern Company depends upon knowledgeable consultants and quality suppliers in the global marketplace.  

For the past 25 years, I have been an active participant in the National Hydro Association (NHA).  I served on the NHA Board and as President/Chairman of the Board.  I have a great understanding of the importance of membership, value added services, and governance.  Recent Federal legislation for tax incentives and Department of Energy grants in all aspects of new and existing hydro developments have created great opportunity in the market. My experience will help bridge the relationships, public relations, and knowledge bases to help IHA with leveraging these benefits.  

These experiences provide me with the unique talent to give back to the hydroelectric industry by supporting IHA in a Board position.  As an active participant, I would also bring supporting staff and resources from Southern Company as needed.  I would dedicate my energy and passion to the continued promotion of hydroelectricity and ancillary services as a green and sustainable energy resource on a global scale.

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