2023 Board candidate

Anton-Louis Olivier

Head Hydropower Africa, Scatec

It is my view that IHA should target two objectives:

Firstly, we should continue to actively advocate for expanded role of hydropower and specifically, but not only, hydropower with storage as essential to maintain energy security and achieve the energy transition on an affordable basis.  

And secondly, IHA needs to ensure the widespread adoption of the Hydropower Sustainability Standard as the most appropriate tool to assess and accredit hydropower projects as sustainable.  

If we can achieve these goals, it will be a job well done.

I have spent the last 25 years of my career working in hydropower in Africa in various capacities, ranging from establishing a hydro independent power producer (IPP) business. Building, owning and then operating a number of small hydro power projects, setting up an infrastructure debt fund, and in my current role leading large hydropower development in Africa for Scatec, a Norwegian owned IPP business with a global footprint. This experience has enabled me to see first-hand the difference sustainable hydropower can make to a country’s power sector and the huge and positive impact it has on local communities.

I first joined IHA to be part of the organisation’s drive to position and promote sustainable hydropower globally and in Africa. I’ve been an active Board Member of the IHA since 2019 and a Vice-President since 2021. As an IHA Board member representing the Africa region I will to continue to promote sustainable hydropower across the continent. Scatec is one of the major players in large hydro in Africa and sustainability is at the core of our business.

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