“Going forward, the only acceptable hydropower is sustainable hydropower”
- San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower

By applying to become a member of the International Hydropower Association (IHA), companies demonstrate a commitment to our values: a commitment to sustainable, best-practice hydropower.

Unless our sector demonstrates that hydropower can be developed and operated sustainably, it will not gain the trust of investors, governments and, most importantly, communities.

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Reasons to join

Our members are held to higher standards

Membership is more than just paying membership fees. Companies wishing to join IHA need to demonstrate their commitment to our values of sustainability before being accepted as members.

This means expressing support for the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower, completing an annual Sustainability Disclosure Form and confirming alignment with the no-go commitment on World Heritage Sites with a duty of care for Protected Areas. Applying companies must also confirm they are not disbarred or placed on the exclusion list of any international institution or major institutional investor with a global mandate.

Our members are helped to be more sustainable

Members receive a 10% discount on IHA Sustainability (IHAS) training courses. These in-person or online training courses are built on 25 years of experience and follow an established framework of sustainability assessment and understanding.

Learn how to use the G-Res Tool to predict greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs or become a Certified User or Accredited Assessor under the Hydropower Sustainability Standard.

Our members are leaders

Our members include the world’s leading hydropower developers, operators and manufacturers. Collectively they represent 1/3 of global installed hydropower capacity, from run-of-river to storage and pumped storage hydropower, and from micro hydropower to the largest of projects.

Their efforts are led by a high-level Board, which governs our association and represents the global nature of our diverse members.

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Our members work together to address some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges

Join 90+ like-minded organisations around the world who as IHA members help us to promote sustainable hydropower as a clean, green, modern and affordable solution to climate change. With hydropower, we can make net zero goals a reality.

Contributions from our members depend on their size and the nature of their work. All members are encouraged to support our common objectives and advocacy efforts with a recommended contribution equivalent to twice their membership fee. For Large members, this recommendation is an expectation and is reflected in the membership fee.

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