Why IHA matters:
In the words of our members

To mark IHA’s 25th anniversary, we asked our members about IHA’s contribution to the advancement of sustainable hydropower:

China Three Gorges Corporation

“IHA has become an important platform for international hydropower stakeholders to communicate and plan for the future. CTG has been part of the IHA family for 15 years. Through participating in the work and activities of IHA, we have expanded our ‘circle of friends’ with those who possess similar aspirations, built a bridge between China’s hydropower industry and the international industry, and shared experience and ideas.

“IHA provides us an important window showing insights about the latest industry development trends, enabling us to objectively understand opportunities and challenges, which thus helps us to comply with the requirements of the development trends of the time.”

-       Zhang Dingming, Executive Vice President


“We believe that IHA has no equivalent. EDF welcomes IHA's action to promote the development of hydroelectricity in synergy with other more variable renewable production such as solar and wind power.

“The engagement with IRENA and launch of the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower are concrete evidence of this. So many thanks to all IHA team and members and happy birthday.”

- Frédéric Hofmann, Vice President

En+ Group

“As you strive to position hydropower among the leading climate solutions in the energy transition, we are proud to declare ourselves a member of IHA. As the world’s largest independent producer of hydropower, we are keen to support you on your journey and play our part where possible in driving the sector forward.”

- The Rt Hon The Lord Barker of Battle, Executive Chairman

Engie Brasil

The world needs an organisation to be the voice of hydropower globally. The International Hydropower Association has been created and has been evolving over 25 years.

“Besides being the centre of technical and socio-environmental expertise where the best world practices are discussed, proposed and tested, IHA is where experts, managers and policymakers can gather, exchange experiences and propose ideas, in a vibrant community.

-       Gil Maranhão Neto, Chief Strategy, Communications and CSR Officer

GE Renewable Energy

"GE Renewable Energy is proud to have been one of its privileged members for many years now. Since IHA was founded, the hydropower sector has more than doubled in size from 625 GW in 1995 to over 1,300 GW today. Combining our expertise, knowledge and passion, we will continue to advocate for hydropower as one of the enablers of the energy transition."

-        Pascal Radue, President & CEO Hydro Solutions


“As a founding member of the International Hydropower Association, Hydro-Québec is particularly pleased to celebrate the IHA’s 25th anniversary. We strongly support the association’s efforts to champion sustainable hydropower as the largest renewable source of electricity on the planet. On the international scene, IHA is pivotal in promoting the recognition of hydropower’s strategic role in the energy transition and in attaining GHG emission reduction targets.”

-       Christine Cantin, Senior Adviser, Hydro-Québec

Hydro Tasmania

“IHA is an indispensable voice for advancing sustainable hydropower globally, and Hydro Tasmania is proud to have been a member for the past 25 years. We greatly value IHA’s role and its record of providing industry leadership for its members and developing standards for best practice and frameworks for policy and regulatory advancement.

“As hydropower responds to the shifts, challenges and opportunities of our changing energy future, IHA’s role in building and sharing knowledge will be of enormous benefit.”  

-       Tammy Chu, Managing Director, Entura


“Over the last 25 years IHA has grown from a small association to becoming a global voice on hydropower related matters. The efforts on sustainability and the associated protocol have improved both the preparation and construction of new hydropower projects and the operation of existing hydropower projects. I look forward to the next 25 years of IHA.”

-       Dr Óli Sveinsson, Executive Vice President

REH Group

“Africa needs to use its huge potential in sustainable hydropower to drive and support its economic development in a decarbonised power sector. IHA has led the way in defining and guiding what sustainable hydropower means and how it can be implemented.”

“We will not achieve a decarbonised power sector without hydropower. We are proud to support IHA in promoting sustainable hydropower global and especially in Africa. IHA has played a leading role in establishing the concept of sustainable hydropower as part of the global power sector. This was the result of 25 years of consultation and research and most importantly, by bringing all stakeholders together to identify this common goal.”

-       Anton-Louis Olivier, CEO

Sarawak Energy

“As a member and sustainability partner of the International Hydropower Association for the past decade, Sarawak Energy has greatly benefitted from our participation in a global level network to advance sustainable, renewable hydropower.  With a crucial role as the compass providing direction for high quality and sustainable hydropower development and management, IHA has made a significant difference over the past 25 years in bringing together key players of the hydropower sector through a strong platform to foster partnerships, consolidate efforts and progress our shared objectives. Congratulations IHA on your silver anniversary.”

-       Sharbini Suhaili, Group SEO


"The hydropower sector needs one strong voice, backed by the main industrial players, to deliver correct and understandable information to political stakeholders around the world to ascertain that well balanced RES and Energy system policies are made in all countries. We also need IHA to promote the measured sustainability of Hydropower."

-        Tron Engebrethsen, Senior Vice President Albania,

Voith Hydro

“IHA is an excellent organisation that represents the industry in the best possible way, mainly through the diversity of its membership.”

-       Uwe Wehnhardt, President and CEO

Yalong River Hydropower Development Company

"Over the past 25 years, as an international organisation for the hydropower sector, IHA has actively spoken out for sustainable hydropower and promoted its rapid development. Facing the future, let’s continue to unite together, advocate for more use of hydropower and other renewable energy resources, and jointly make new and greater contributions to combating climate change.”

- Wu Shiyong, General Manager

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