Conserving Tasmania's short-finned eel with a dam bypass

IHA member Hydro Tasmania is working to protect the short-finned eel by installing an eel bypass in its Trevallyn Dam, on the South Esk River in Tasmania.  


The bypass will allow the downstream migration of this remarkable migratory species that travels from the Tamar Estuary to spawn in the Coral Sea near New Caledonia.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy announced the initiative on World Nature Conservation Day, 28 July 2020.

“Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest water manager and Tasmanians expect us to look after the waterways under our care, and that includes protecting the species we’re sharing these areas with,” Mr Davy said.

“Though not endangered in Australia, similar species of eels are listed as threatened in the Northern Hemisphere, so the responsibility is on water managers like Hydro Tasmania to take action.”

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Read more on HydroTasmania's website.

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