COVID-19 Pandemic: Update from IHA

Message from President Roger Gill

Covid-19 will significantly impact our industry. It will hamper global supply chains, delay construction and temporarily reduce demand. Furthermore, low oil prices are back on the agenda.

We are yet to see or understand the depth or length of the crisis on hydropower. However, we must continue to focus on long-term planning and make effective use of our time during the crisis.

Covid-19 will reset our society and economy. There will be a rethink about energy systems and the pathways towards decarbonisation. There will be a rethink about our global interconnectivity and how we meet the sustainable development goals.

IHA will be ready to voice the role of sustainable hydropower in delivering a better post-Covid society.

Roger Gill, President of IHA

Message from CEO Eddie Rich

This is a challenging time for everyone – for individuals affected by the virus, for the global economy, for businesses and for the hydropower sector more generally.

Our thoughts are with those facing personal and business challenges. The world is learning a lot about itself from this pandemic, and there is clearly going to be a lot of pain over the next few months or even longer.  

Throughout this crisis, IHA will continue to support our members and partners and work to advance sustainable hydropower.

All our staff are now working from home until future notice. Travel has been cancelled for the next 30 days and the next IHA Board meeting on 13 May will be held virtually. But while our ability to organise or attend physical events is curtailed, we will remain the voice of the sustainable hydropower sector, building and sharing knowledge and delivering services digitally.

You can connect with our team as normal via email, through our website, through our online community Hydropower Pro, and through our Knowledge Networks. In the coming weeks we will be launching new publications and developing and delivering new online events and training courses.

As the hydropower sector, like the rest of the energy sector, grapples with the new global reality, we want to hear from our members and partners. How have you been impacted, and what actions are you taking or do you expect to take to mitigate these impacts?

Talk to IHA and we will be your voice on the international stage.

Eddie Rich, CEO of IHA

19 March 2020



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