Hydro Energy, a leader in decarbonising industry, joins IHA

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) welcomes Hydro Energy, part of Norwegian energy and aluminium company Hydro, as its newest member.

Hydro Energy’s aim is to take a leading role in helping industrial companies to decarbonise and reach their climate goals by offering renewable energy, sourced from a portfolio of hydro, solar, wind and green hydrogen. It also offers expertise and solutions that enable companies to move away from fossil fuels.

IHA is a non-profit organisation with members operating in over 120 countries. A third of the world’s total installed hydropower capacity is managed by the association’s membership.

'Raising expectations of what is achievable with sustainable hydropower'

Eddie Rich, Chief Executive of IHA, says: “We are delighted to welcome Hydro Energy as a member.

“Hydro Energy’s role in powering one of the largest aluminium companies in the world, Hydro, raises expectations on what is achievable with sustainable hydropower and serves as an example for other industries on how to reduce carbon emissions.

“Sustainable hydropower not only produces clean, green and affordable renewable energy, but can also help to provide hard-to-abate industries with a consistent and reliable power source.”

More than two-thirds of Hydro’s aluminium production is made with renewables produced or sourced by Hydro Energy – making Hydro a leading player within low-carbon aluminium.

Jan Helge Mårdalen, Managing Director at Hydro Energi AS, says: “Climate change is the most important challenge to solve in the world going forward.

“I believe flexible hydropower to be the renewable solution in a future zero emission energy system. Hydropower has been the foundation for Hydro Energi and Norsk Hydro since it started in 1905.

“IHA’s San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower is well in-line with our sustainability targets of net zero impacts from our operations. We are really looking forward to working together within the IHA membership to develop sustainable hydropower for the industry and the world.”

Hydro Energy own 9.4 TWh and operates 40 hydropower plants in Norway, with a combined output of 13.0 TWh renewable electricity in a normal year, close to 10 percent of the hydropower production in Norway.

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