“Hydropower should never be underestimated”: CGHC joins the International Hydropower Association

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is delighted to announce that ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade CJSC (CGHC) has become its newest member.  

Armenian power generation company CGHC, a subsidiary of ContourGlobal, are focused on developing, acquiring and operating electricity generation businesses across the world to improve lives by providing reliable, accessible electricity, promoting economic growth and social wellbeing

In 2015, CG bought the 404.2 MW Vorotan Cascade, one of the main power generation complexes in Armenia. The hydropower cascade which comprises of three hydropower plants and four reservoirs on the Vorotan river, supplies around 13-15% of Armenia’s total electricity generation.

Since its purchase, CGHC has shown a commitment to bettering this key hydropower asset by undertaking major electromechanical refurbishments to modernise the plant, improve its operational performance and efficiency as well as its safety and reliability.

Alvina Abajyan, General Manager of ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade says: “With all the changes happening in the energy sector and vast growth of green energy which we have witnessed in Armenia with solar, we believe the role of hydropower should never be underestimated as a reliable, safe and clean source of energy.

“ContourGlobal Hydro Cascade is continuous in its commitment to support the development of hydropower in Armenia through developing programs focused on efficient use of available water resources.”

Speaking about CGHC joining as members, IHA Deputy CEO Pablo Valverde says: “We are thrilled that one of Armenia’s key hydropower operators has joined IHA.  

“Armenia’s hydropower potential is significant, and CGHC’s mission, focusing on the human benefits of hydropower – how it can provide affordable and reliable electricity and promote economic growth and social wellbeing, is well aligned with what we are trying to achieve at IHA.”

Find out more about CGHC in their membership profile.

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