HydroSediNET launches to promote sustainable sediment management

A global collaborative platform of leading research and academic institutions launched today to share knowledge on how to best support sustainable sediment management.

The HydroSediNET initiative aims to connect experts and innovators supporting the planning, implementation and operation of effective and sustainable sediment management in storage reservoirs and run-of-river hydropower plants.

The construction of a hydropower facility can impede the transport of sediment in a waterway and, if not managed proactively, over time can impact plant operations as the river system or reservoir loses storage capacity.

Aiming to address this challenge, the HydroSediNET network – an initiative funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and administered by the World Bank’s ESMAP Hydropower Development Facility – is designed to bring together organisations who publish research and develop strategies for sediment management.  

Pravin Karki, Global Lead Hydropower and Dams at the World Bank, stated: “Sustainable sediment management of reservoirs and hydropower facilities requires solid understanding of environmental systems and hydrology, as well as close cooperation between a range of stakeholders.

“Bringing together stakeholders from around the world, HydroSediNET aims to bridge these gaps by fostering collaboration, research, and knowledge exchange on planning and implementing effective sediment management policies and strategies.”

The network is supported by seven founding members including the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and aims to support the work of universities and research institutions, hydropower companies, utilities, manufacturers and consultancies, as well as public sector agencies, multilateral organisations and financial institutions.

As part of the initiative, a new HydroSedi.Net website will pool information and resources, including open-source digital tools, publications, webinars and events developed by network partners.  

Cristina Diez Santos, Senior Analyst at IHA, said: “Hydropower sector developers and operators joining this network can share their experiences of effective sediment management and be exposed to world-class learning on how to deal with the challenges posed by sedimentation.”

The organisations joining the HydroSedi.Net network at launch include:

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