IHA Presidents collaborate on new 1.4 GW venture exploring pumped storage hydro

IHA's President Malcolm Turnbull and former IHA President Roger Gill have joined forces to drive development of pumped storage hydropower in Australia, winning a tender to pursue 1.4 GW of pumped storage hydropower projects in New South Wales.


Two projects in the Hunter Valley region will provide long duration storage and be led by Upper Hunter Hydro, owned by Lucy and Malcolm Turnbull.


Mr Turnbull said: “Australia currently has all the tools to deliver a zero-emission energy reality. We don’t need to invent new technologies; we have all the resources we need; the one resource we don’t have is time.

“By deploying a mix of variable renewable energy including wind and solar, supported by pumped hydro storage, it is possible to transition away from coal and meet our climate targets.”


About Upper Hunter Hydro

Upper Hunter Hydro Pty Ltd (UHH) is a renewable energy company founded by Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull who are joined on the board by international hydropower expert and former IHA President, Roger Gill. UHH is committed to delivering the deep energy storage essential for a net-zero carbon world.


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