PSR are the latest members to join IHA

We are happy to announce PSR as the latest company to join the International Hydropower Association’s membership. PSR has been the global provider of technological solutions and consulting services in the areas of electricity and natural gas (E&G) since 1987.  

PSR has a multidisciplinary team that offers consulting services, computational tools and energy innovation in more than 70 countries around the world. Their primary client base includes E&G investors, regulators, government agencies, market operators, financial institutions, multilateral development agencies, NGOs among others.  

Rafael Kelman, Executive Director of PSR commented,  

“Hydropower is crucial for supporting the energy transition and the only possible hydropower is a sustainable one. A scientific approach to hydropower planning and development is key to maximize its economic value and minimize the related socioenvironmental impacts.”

Their focus is to develop decision support tools for E&G markets, used in the planning of conventional hydropower and pumped storage projects or OptGen, used to determine the least-cost generation-transmission expansion plan of a multi-regional power system, considering uncertainties, public policies such as emission and operation constraints.

Along with decision support tools, PSR also provides studies and advice covering multiple areas of expertise to investors and investment funds. Their areas of expertise include economic, financial, regulatory, energy transition and decarbonisation studies.  

Welcoming the new member, Eddie Rich, Chief Executive Officer from the International Hydropower Association said,  

“I am delighted that PSR has joined IHA to share their expertise in sustainable hydropower. They add to the growing list of expert consultants in the sector all round the world that are helping hydropower be clean, green, modern and affordable.”

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