"Queensland Hydro bring huge ambition to the IHA family": Queensland Hydro joins IHA membership

We are pleased to announce Queensland Hydro as the latest member to join IHA.

Queensland Hydro designs, delivers operates and maintains world-class, long duration pumped hydro storage assets to provide reliable, clean energy for Queensland. The team draws on extensive engineering, environmental and social impact and expertise to deliver certainty throughout the project lifecycle, working with stakeholders to create lasting benefits for communities.

Queensland Hydro plays a critical role in helping meet the Queensland Government’s renewable energy targets and net zero emissions by 2050 and supporting the shift in the Australian economy to a decarbonised energy system.

Its main projects are the 2,000MW Borumba and the 5,000MW Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro projects. Burdekin will be the largest pumped storage project in the world in terms of installed capacity.

Queensland Hydro's Borumba project site

Kieran Cusack CEO, Queensland Hydro commented:

“Long-duration pumped hydro is a tried, trusted and proven technology. It’s scale and operational flexibility is key to Australia’s transition to reliable clean energy. We’re proud that Queensland Hydro’s two world-class projects will form the cornerstone of Queensland’s energy transformation. These major infrastructure projects will help provide secure and reliable energy when it’s needed most and will move us closer to achieving the state's targets of 80% renewable energy by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050."

Eddie Rich, CEO for IHA, celebrated the new members:

“Pumped storage hydropower, known as ‘the world’s water battery’, is an ideal complement to modern clean energy systems, as it can accommodate for the variability and seasonality of wind and solar power. Queensland Hydro has possibly the most exciting pumped storage projects on the planet. They have the potential not only to provide clean, green, reliable and affordable electricity to Australia, but to change the dynamic of the global debate about how to provide reliable decarbonised grids. Queensland Hydro bring huge ambition to the IHA family.”

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