Sustainability at the core of IHA’s new strategy and work plan

The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is embarking on an ambitious new strategy and work plan to support socially and environmentally responsible hydropower projects.


Board 2019-2019

At its meeting in London, between 20-21 September 2017, the IHA’s newly elected board approved the organisation’s programme of research and activities for the next two years.

The IHA’s reputation as a pioneer in promoting good practices is set to be further strengthened as it develops new guidelines and tools for companies and investors based on the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

Twelve topics - including clean energy systems, climate bonds, climate resilience and climate mitigation, water footprint, river basin development, modernisation and sediment management – will form the bedrock of IHA’s research, analysis and capacity-building support to members.

IHA was formed in 1995 to champion sustainable practices within the hydropower sector. Over that time, the world’s installed hydroelectric capacity has almost doubled from 625 GW to 1,246 GW, according to IHA’s Hydropower Status Report.

“Over the next two years I expect IHA to remain the world's leading, go-to organisation on sustainable hydropower development,” said board member Sharbini Suhaili, group chief executive of Sarawak Energy, speaking after the meeting.

Mr Suhaili predicted that hydropower projects which adopt the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, supported by new guidelines and tools under development, will be “deemed green” by financial institutions and host governments.

Another new board member, Moisés Machava, executive director of Hidroelétrica de Cahora Bassa, said: “In Africa there is huge potential hydropower capacity. The tools that IHA is preparing will be a very important boost around the world. Further capacity-building and performance benchmarking will add value to IHA’s membership.”

At the London board meeting, IHA’s president, Ken Adams, was re-elected as president for a third consecutive term, along with five vice presidents. Read more about the new members joining IHA’s board.

IHA’s 12 research topics for 2017-2019:

  • Clean energy systems
  • Climate mitigation
  • Climate resilience
  • Green bonds
  • Hydropower benefits
  • Hydropower preparation support facility
  • Modernisation
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Regional interconnections
  • River basin development
  • Sediment management
  • Water footprint
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