"We are reimagining the renewable mix": Sweetch Energy joins IHA

Renewable energy pioneers Sweetch Energy have become a member of the International Hydropower Association (IHA).

Sweetch Energy’s mission is to establish osmotic energy as a pillar of future renewable energy mixes.

Osmotic energy can be harnessed when freshwater from the world’s deltas and estuaries meet seawater. When salt and freshwater mix, energy is generated through differences in salinity. Using breakthrough nanotechnology and innovative new materials, Sweetch Energy aims to use this energy to help power the planet.

IHA Deputy CEO Pablo Valverde says: “We’re used to thinking about how we generate electricity from water by spinning turbines, and along comes Sweetch Energy, an exciting new organisation that doesn’t shy away from revolutionising the way we think.

“It’s a great reminder of how much innovative thinking is going into generating electricity sustainably from water. We’ll need a broad range of renewable solutions if we are to meet crucial net zero targets.”

Nicolas Heuzé, CEO of Sweetch Energy says: “Every year, nearly 30,000 TWh of osmotic energy –more than the world’s total electricity demand – is released from the world’s deltas and estuaries.

“Sweetch Energy’s INOD® technology is the only solution in the world that can continuously convert osmotic energy into clean electricity at a competitive price.

“Hydropower is the world’s first source of renewable energy and will continue to play an important role as osmotic power becomes a new pillar of the global electricity mix.”

In 2022, Sweetch Energy committed to working with EDF Hydro and CNR (a subsidiary company of ENGIE) to roll out osmotic energy on a large scale in France and abroad. EDF and Engie are two longstanding members of IHA.

Find out more about Sweetch Energy in its membership profile.

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