Ukrhydroenergo, Ukraine’s largest hydropower generator are the latest to join IHA membership

IHA is excited to announce Ukrhydroenergo as one of the latest generators to join our membership. Ukrhydroenergo is the largest hydropower generating company in Ukraine, including ten power plants on the Dnipro and Dnister rivers. The company is one of 15 state-owned enterprises.

Ukrhydroenergo covers peak loads, frequency and power regulation, and a mobile emergency reserve in the United Energy System of Ukraine. Today the company is on the energy frontline and has played an essential role in ensuring the reliability of the Ukraine power system. Ukrhydroenergo remains profitable and intends to continue their development and restoration projects.

Ihor Syrota CEO of Ukrhydroenergo commented:

“Each of us in our place today makes an essential contribution to the recovery and development of energy and security of the country with fruitful work. Yes, we are fulfilling our critical mission in today's challenging conditions. However, our joint practical work and awareness of its importance are the key to light and warmth in the homes of Ukrainians.”

Eddie Rich CEO of IHA celebrated the new addition to the IHA membership:

“We are excited to welcome Ukrhydroenergo into the fold and hope that our network, which includes operators, developers, manufacturers and consultants, will support them in rebuilding and maintaining their facilities in the Ukraine.”

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